Das Niederwalddenkmal oberhalb Rüdesheim
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  You can reach the Niederwalddenkmal directly by car as well as afoot, using one of the beautiful hiking trails through the picturesque vineyards. If you prefer it a little more comfortable, the rack railway is at your disposition. It starts in Rüdesheim and takes you directly to the Germania, also passing above the beautiful winegrowing region.

Once you have reached the top, in addition to just touring the Niederwalddenkmal you also have some other leisure possibilities at your disposition. You can visit the famous “Adlerwarte”, a bird-zoo with eagles and other endangered species. Watch them soar and hunt! Also you can tour further hiking trails or satisfy your hunger and thirst in the restaurant while enjoying the view over Bingen, Ingelheim and even further into the Rheinhessen (Rhine-Hesse) region.

A very popular tour, which is offered as a package in Rüdesheim, is taking the rack railway to the Niederwalddenkmal, then walking a trail to Assmannshausen from where a ship awaits you in order to take you back to Rüdesheim via the river Rhine!

The natural environment is a strong contrast to the highly populated Rhine-Main-Region. It is a great possibility to relax and enjoy the view on Rhine-Hesse, for tourists as well as for residents!
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